I need to create a view based on user of a certain role. Now, I need to display results of this view depending on some conditions: If the user is not a subscriber, the view should only show their name. If the user is a subscriber, instead, the view shows a link to their page. There is a way to make this without using additional modules?

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    Assuming subscriber is a user role. Simply create separate views for each and then just like any regular block, you can configure view block's viability to a specific role. – No Sssweat Aug 1 at 5:32
  • Yes, but I want to create an unique view that displays all user that have actor role; if user has actor role and subscribed_actor role, the view shows link of their page; if use has only actor but not subscribed_actor, it shows only their name. – Germano Carella Aug 2 at 9:38

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