I'm trying to migrate the users and the Forum nodes (including comments) from Drupal 6 Installation (current productive system) to a new Drupal 7 installation (staging system). I wanted to start from scratch with Drupal 7 so I did not go the upgrade way, but now I'm facing the problem that some data has to be migrated anyway.

I tried several Import/Export modules, but none really does what I want. Any ideas?


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I might try the Migrate module. It takes some coding but but the documentation and example modules for it are very detailed and helpful. Basically you would create a migration class for the users (see BeerUserMigration) and a class for the forum nodes (see BeerNodeMigration).

One of the great things about this module is it creates a mapping between both data stores which allows you to rollback and re-run the migration until you get it right.

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