I am using the Feeds module on D7 to import some jobs into my Drupal instance. I also have the Feeds Tamper module installed to clean up the data and make sure certain fields have data in them before importing them. The problem is I can't figure out how to only import a record if there is a value for at least one of TWO fields. If BOTH fields are empty, I do not want to import the item, but if there is data for at least one of those two fields I DO want to import the item.

So basically there are three fields that ideally need to be filled out for the job to import: Location, Summary, Project Details. The client is saying there MUST be at LEAST a Location so that part is easy as I just make that field required with Feeds Tamper, but EITHER the summary OR the Project Details can be filled out in order to be imported. If Summary AND Project Details are empty, do not import the record.

With Feeds Tamper I can specify there must be data in a specific field, but I can't figure out how to do the OR part of this equation. In other words, only import if there is data in EITHER the Summary OR the Project Details fields, but if they are both empty do not import.


  • Can you concatenate the two fields into another one and then check the result? I just looked quickly at the documentation for feeds tamper and it suggests this might be possible but I am not familiar with it. – Alfred Armstrong Aug 8 at 10:43

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