I have many nodes in which the body field has inline images (created in D7 with CKEditor/IMCE/etc.). To make things more complex, the images have a picture mapping for responsiveness via D7 breakpoints module.

The content migrated fine -- all the images appear in the node view -- but then when I try to edit the node, the images themselves are not being displayed in the WYSIWYG edit window. When I right click "Image Properties" to edit there is no data there (no source, sizes, etc.).

Has anyone had this issue? How do I restore editability of the image properties, e.g., to select a responsive image style (I have the appropriate modules enabled in D8 as far as I can tell)?

Is this a migration processing issue? Is there any difference between D7 and D8 in how inline images are stored/structured that would prevent the migrated node inline image properties from being edited post-migration? And, why can't I see the image src or the image itself in the CKEDITOR window?

Any direction would be helpful. I've found no discussion of this particular phenomenon on the various forums. Thanks.

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