Working on a new site, and I have a "regions" taxonomy vocabulary that has mysteriously disappeared, even though it shows in the list of taxonomies. If I try to view, edit or delete the taxonomy by using the dropdown next to it in the list of taxonomies, I get nothing. It just takes me to a page with "The requested page could not be found."

I had been ignoring it for the moment, because I can work around it, but I ran into the issue again, while trying to set some fields on the site for translation. When I do so, I get an error that mentions the regions content type.

In the log, I see:

LogicException: Missing bundle entity, entity type taxonomy_vocabulary, entity id Regions. in Drupal\Core\Entity\EntityType->getBundleConfigDependency() (line 914 of /var/lib/nginx/website/web/core/lib/Drupal/Core/Entity/EntityType.php).

when I look at the configuration via admin, here: /admin/config/development/configuration/single/export I see "false" for the taxonomy 'regions'

I would like to either completely remove the "regions", or restore it, so things work. I don't need it - I just need to stop the errors it causes.

Update: Per a suggestion, I installed Devel Entity update, and went to the docroot folder to do "drush entup" and it did not solve the problem. I got a message saying "[success] No entity schema updates required". I cleared cache and the ghost taxonomy is still there.

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