I have a multisite setup.

public html
 - Sites 
 - - All
 - - site1.com
 - - site2.com

I need to .txt files to the root of each website such as site1.com/ads.txt or site2.com/robots.txt

If I upload to public_html the .txt file will be accessible on all sites on the installation. If I install in the individual files folder the .txt file is shown as site1.com/sites/site1.com/files/filename.txt.

How can I show the .txt file at the root of site1.com but not site2.com?

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    drupal.org/project/robotstxt creates dynamic robots.txt per instance. You then may want to copy their approach in a custom module to do the same for ads.txt. Or you simply provide your own route /ads.txt with its own controller to serve the content dynamically from a custom module.
    – leymannx
    Aug 19, 2019 at 21:19

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I have multisite installation and there are multiple common code or files I am able to access in each site.

  • You can add your common php, txt or html etc files in the rootsite folder(or you can make assets directory and specify the path "/assets/ads.txt" while accessing) and just try to access e.g site1.com/ads.txt site2.com/ads.txt.

  • Another thing is you can create pages using page-ui, page-manager modules (for templates, html or php pages).

  • Also you can write controller for the common page and in controller class just simply use the markup to render that page and add routing path for the same.


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