I use the normal standard Drupal Forum module with a clean Drupal 8 installation. After I have installed it, I have a problem where "2 new posts" shows for all users. In other words, the /forum page is caching and showing the cached page of one user for the other user.

So I have two options

  1. Disable caching for /forum <--- I don't mind doing this for now, as there aren't many users at the moment so I have time to fix this properly later.
  2. Figure out why this page is caching the way it is. As mentioned, I am using a clean installation with hardly any confirm and this still happens.

Can someone confirm if the /forum page normally does this or if something is probably wrong with my installation? Or maybe I'm missing some setting? Or maybe caching is meant to be disabled for this to work?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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