how to relate contents with a tag such that when I open specific content its corresponding tag should also appear on the sidebar block. For example, I have 4 contents and each content is having one or two tags related to the content. Let's say Content 1 is having 'services' as tag content 2 is having 'finance' as a tag. Now when I open that specific content, in my sidebar block it should also display its corresponding tags too. How to achieve that?

  • drupal 7 or drupal 8 ..? – Naveen Aug 29 at 6:32
  • What have you tried so far? – leymannx Aug 29 at 6:33
  • drupal 8 @Naveen – Devajit Aug 29 at 6:48
  • I have created a view of taxonomy terms and created a block of the same. As expected it shows all the related terms but I just want the related terms to appear on the sidebar block for that specific content only when I open it. @leymannx – Devajit Aug 29 at 6:58
  • Then please update your question adding as much info as you have. Simply asking how to achieve XY without any reproducible problem is too broad. – leymannx Aug 29 at 7:04

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