I'm modifying an exposed filter using a hook_form_alter to make it a <select> of type "multiple."

This works great until I select more than one <option> because the original filter in the view is set to "is equal to" (instead of "is one of") so the generated SQL creates a LIKE with the concatenated <option>'s. Despite lots of searching, I cannot find anywhere someone explains how to also change the operator for an exposed filter, in a form_alter programmatically. I was expecting something that would follow these modifications:

$form['field_career_country_value']['#type'] = 'select';
$form['field_career_country_value']['#size'] = NULL;
$form['field_career_country_value']['#multiple'] = TRUE;

Like $form['field_career_country_value']['#operator'], but no such luck. I did find an operator key in $form['#info']['filter-field_career_country_value']['operator'] but the value doesn't make much sense.

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