Assuming I have two distinct entities A and B, with B having an Entity Reference field to A, how can I associate other data (=other fields) with the Entity Reference?

For example, assume that A is "Political parties" and B "Politicians", and I'd like to store a date range field for the politician's membership in said party.

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    I dont want to design your data for you, but it almost sounds like you need an interim entity to store this. Maybe a few. I am not sure if fieldable relationships are a thing, yet. – Kevin Sep 3 '19 at 15:16
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    You can't, by database design an entity reference can only store two values: the target type (node, taxonomy term,...) and the numeric id of the target. You can either nest the reference inside an additional entity (e.g. a Paragraph with the ER field and your additional data), or code your own field. – Hudri Sep 3 '19 at 15:18

You can create a paragraph type (paragraph module replaces field collection in Drupal 8) which contains a reference to your entity type A and a (or more) date and in your entity type B, have a reference to this paragraph.

You can also create a custom field which contains a reference to your entity type A and a date if you want have particular behavior (for example, don't allow users to sort items and sort them automatically by date).

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