I'm using drush to migrate a D7 site to D8. I'm getting several errors in the drush migrate-import --all step.

D8 site is installed using a bash script that executes:

drush site-install standard -y --account-name=admin --account-pass=xxx --db-url="mysql://$D8_MYSQL_SERVER_USER:$D8_MYSQL_SERVER_PSWD@$D8_MYSQL_SERVER/$D8siteName";     

drush -y pm-enable migrate_plus;
drush -y pm-enable migrate_tools;
drush -y pm-enable migrate_upgrade;

drush migrate-upgrade --legacy-db-url=mysql://$D7_MYSQL_SERVER_USER:$D7_MYSQL_SERVER_PSWD@$D7_MYSQL_SERVER/$D7cmsSiteEntry --legacy-root=http://example.com --configure-only

drush migrate-import --all

The first error I get is: upgrade_d7_url_alias Migration - 1348 failed.

D8 site is not used in anyway prior to migration execution.

Also the searching I've done has implied there is a migration log but I'm finding no reference to a location for this log.

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