I am trying to replicate the user interface Media library provides in 8.8.

I've created a view with 2 displays:

View 1:

Menu tab where Parent is "Content"


View 2:


No menu in the Views UI.

I've then defined:

  title: 'Images'
  route_name: view.media.page
  parent_id: view.media.page
  weight: 20

  title: 'Shared images'
  route_name: view.media.shared
  parent_id: view.media.page
  weight: 20

The main tab next to Content / Media / Files / Images is present. However, the subtabs on my view Images are not displayed.

What am I missing?


Figured it out!

The parent must be the Views local task id for both definitions.

So parent_it should be views_view:view.media.page

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