I'm trying to use Sentry(it's real-time error tracking) with my drupal site. I install Raven module using composer composer require drupal/raven then enable it. My question is where this line should be initialized Sentry\init(['dsn' => 'https://***@sentry.io/***' ]); I paste it on the top of settings.php file but it raises an error. Also I paste it in index.php, it's return this error Error: Call to undefined function Sentry\init() in main() (line 23 of /var/www/html/index.php) #0 {main}.

Any advice.

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    What is Sentry? – Kevin Sep 8 at 20:16
  • @Kevin it's real-time error tracking for a web app or mobile. – IDI Sep 9 at 5:38

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