I have a full site which has nodes, users, views, organic groups... What I need to do, is with f.e. module 'backup and migrate', take this site named A, into a new server, and keep all logic (content types, views, organic group settings), but have no users at all (except user 1 of course), no nodes at all, actual delete everything, but keep all the functionality of the site.

For instance, if site A has already say 5k users, and 1m nodes, start with the site B with 1 user, and not a single node. How can this be achieved? Is there a module or do I need to run a script into MySQL?

  • You can look at drush sql-sanitize (drushcommands.com/drush-9x/sql/sql:sanitize), it may fit your needs. – Jaypan Sep 9 at 22:17
  • very interesting, in the documentation it says: "Sanitize the database by removing or obfuscating user data". But i need also to remove all nodes created, i need to keep the content types, but i need to have them empty. Can the above command achieve this? – lolerogav Sep 10 at 7:34
  • Yes though you may need to customize it. – Jaypan Sep 10 at 7:40
  • thank you, i will just use drush sql:sanitize, hope this will do the job, of removing all content, and all users but user 1, and see what i get. – lolerogav Sep 10 at 9:51

In drupal 8, this would be no problem thanks to the Configuration API. For drupal 7, it is a bit harder. You should take a look at the Features module: this module can save configuration in a module. Then, you can enable that module in a new website (which would create content types, views, etc.).

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