This regards http://drupal.org/project/apachesolr_multisitesearch I'm trying to enable Multisite Search Facets (based on Taxonomies) for a few sites. The 'normal' multisite facets such as 'filter by site', 'current search' etc appear fine but facets based on Taxonomies do not appear not matter what I do. The facets are enabled and the blocks added to regions, caches cleared etc.

Tested in Drupal Core 6.20 with the latest stable version of Apache Solr & Apache Solr Multisite Search

Has anyone else successfully enabled this functionality?

Any help greatly appreciated

  • We're your solr facets appearing before adding multisitesearch? The reason i ask is that I have just installed solr (no multisearch) and the facets blocks are not appearing either. Is so, then it might be a plain solr issue.
    – user842
    Commented Apr 28, 2011 at 13:35
  • Yes the 'single' site facets were appearing :(
    – atomicjeep
    Commented Apr 28, 2011 at 15:29

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A little patch that solve the issue

Index: apachesolr_multisitesearch.module
--- apachesolr_multisitesearch.module   (révision 32470)
+++ apachesolr_multisitesearch.module   (copie de travail)
@@ -331,6 +331,10 @@
             return apachesolr_date_facet_block($response, $query, 'apachesolr_multisitesearch', $delta, $delta, t('Filter by post date'));
           case 'hash':
             return apachesolr_facet_block($response, $query, 'apachesolr_multisitesearch', $delta, $delta, t('Filter by site'), 'theme_apachesolr_breadcrumb_hash');
+           //syg on ajoute un retour pours toutes les autres facets
+          default:
+            return apachesolr_facet_block($response, $query, 'apachesolr_multisitesearch', $delta, $delta, t('Filter by %field', array('%field'=> $delta)));

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