I have a site with the following users

  1. Administrator
  2. Author
  3. Normal user(authenticated user)

and the modules used for the following task are Nice Menu, Menu token and Print.

The site contains of books and the option shown for every book page is shown in fig.

enter image description here

  1. Administrator and Authors will have access to every option.
  2. Authenticated user is not able to Edit Page and access the Page History.

By configuring the print module and using tokens I have accomplished the task, but it shows an "Access Denied" error when an authenticated user tries to select that option.

Is there a way to hide the "Edit Page" and "Page History" option for authenticated user and keep it visible to Admin and Authors?

Thank you in advance, Ajit

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We do this with the Menu Per Role module.

This module allows you to restrict access to menu items1 based on user roles. It depends on the Drupal core menu.module—just activate both modules and edit a menu item as usual. There will be a new fieldset that allows you to restrict access by role. The fieldset also appears in the node edit form.


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