I have created a global math expression field in views, and I want to sort the results by the results of the math expression.

In particular, I use Drealty to connect to a RETS server and download property listings. My local database gets populated with prices and number of bedrooms for each listing. I want to sort based on Cost per Bedroom.

Any Ideas?


You can't sort currently by just using views but i would recommend to store the value in the database.

Therefore create a computed field: http://drupal.org/project/computed_field and do the logic in there to store the value in the DB. Once you have done this views will be able to sort by that.

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If you have table with aggregation module you can sort without needing to store in DB

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I guess you can do it by creating a new module with hook_drealty_import_presave_alter or rules. The problem is that you need to write the result of the math to the database so that you can sort or filter on it.

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