1. Content type: Webform
  2. Allowed grants: View, Edit
  3. Allowed roles: Anon, authorized, admin

  1. Go to the webform node eg. node/20
  2. Click Grants tab
  3. Tick authenticated and admin users can View, anonymous is unticked
  4. Page is still accessed by anonymous?

node/20: enter image description here

Global Nodeaccess settings: enter image description here At the bottom Webform is ticked to View for anon/authenticated/admin because we want anonymous to see all webforms by default, except one that needs to be logged in. Doesn't really matter because unticking View for anonymous, anonymous can still view the page?!

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With every Nodeaccess permission change, Permissions need to be rebuilt every time, for some reason I am not getting the warning message on save, run it at /admin/reports/status/rebuild

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