I have a text field in a media image type (for a photo caption) - I'd like to output a default value whenever it's empty.

I tried using HOOK_preprocess_field, but that hook isn't reached if the field of the node is blank.

It's being inserted in a View, but it's more than one field (a display mode of a Rendered Entity showing a photo thumbnail and the caption) and therefore as the photo is present when the caption isn't, I can't use the No results behaviour.

I also tried HOOK_preprocess_node and HOOK_preproces_content_field, neither of those seem to be called at all in the view.

Is there anywhere else I can edit it?

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    The text fiels is in the media image so i thinks the hook theme_preprocess_media is the right one
    – berramou
    Sep 25, 2019 at 19:10
  • @berramou thanks - yes, it's that hook, I can rewrite populated fields by changing [0]['#context']['value'], unfortunately $variables['content']['field_caption'] has almost nothing in it for the blank field - I've just spent ages trying to manually recreate all the fields in the array, but I then get Call to a member function getFieldDefinition() on null in quickedit_preprocess_field(), not sure if there's a method I could use to do it properly? Sep 25, 2019 at 20:22

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You might consider overriding an appropriate Twig template, something along the lines of {% if content.field_caption %} {{ content.field_caption }} {% else %}} default text {% endif %}


You can use the hook theme_preprocess_media check on media if it's an image and than get the default value of your field to compare it with the actual value.
Try the following.

 * Implements hook_preprocess_HOOK().
function myTheme_preprocess_media(&$variables) {
  /** @var \Drupal\media\MediaInterface $media */
  $media = $variables['media'];
  if ($media->getSource()->getPluginId() === 'image') {
    $elements = $variables['elements'];
    if ($media->hasField('field_caption') && isset($elements['field_caption'])) {
      // Get the default value of field_caption field.
      // To compare it with the the actual value.
      $caption_default_value = $elements['field_caption']['#items']->first()
      // Get the actual value.
      $caption_actual_value = $media->field_caption->getValue()[0]['value'];

      // Check if the value hasn't change so its has the default value.
     if ($caption_default_value === $caption_actual_value){
       // Change the value of caption  field.
       $variables['content']['field_caption'][0]['#context']['value'] = t('This is new value of caption');

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