I have a Drupal 8 site and installed the Entity Print module, as well as Webform entity print. I want to print a Webform submission in a PDF but i cannot seem to understand how to create custom header and footer that will be on every page of the PDF.

I have done the following:

  • Created Webform and all the fields I need
  • On /admin/config/content/entityprint chose "dompdf"
  • Then on the settings page of my Webform I see two fields - header and footer in which I can add custom text. Did that.

Now the header is always on top of first page and the footer is in the end of the content, not even in the bottom of the page.

I've checked the entity-print.html.twig file and saw that everything (header, submissions, footer) is printed out in {{ content }} variable.

This thread is something similar to what I'm looking for but I dont understand where he got the{{ header}} and {{ footer }} variables from.

How and where do I style the header and footer for a PDF Webform submission that will be on top/bottom of every PDF page?

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