I create release notes section for my website where I fetch a paragraph from the specific content type. I have configured one index with fields such as name or status. In addition to that, I added the date field which is part of the paragraph.

I created a view which should display all content data source from this Search API Index.

Everything is ok with the list of hundreds of release notes, release notes are displayed well - but I have problem with sorting.

Firstly, I cannot add sort field on the view page because I can't see any options about the granularity of sorting date (it's only content datasource).

Secondly, I installed module Search API Sorts but it allows the only sort by Integer or String so the field Date is not supported at all.

Thirdly, I put overriding function:

* Implements hook_search_api_solr_query_alter().
function search_api_sorts_search_api_solr_query_alter(Query 
 $solarium_query, QueryInterface $query) {

 $dateField = 'field_publish';
$index = $query->getIndex();
  $fields = $index->getServerInstance()
  $solrField = !empty($fields[$dateField]) ? $fields[$dateField] : '';

  if ($solrField) {
      $solarium_query->addParam('bf', "recip(abs(ms(NOW, {$solrField})),3.16e- 

But I've got error

Error report HTTP Status 400 - can not use FieldCache on multivalued field: dm_field_publish

Do you have any ideas about how to solve this problem or any workaround about sorting paragraphs by date? Thanks in advance!

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