Does anyone have an idea of why I would get this error ?

PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function db_table_exists()

I'm running a script from a working Drupal site, using bash to run an .sh script which has that in the script.

db_create_table also gives the same error.

Do I have to include a file to make these functions available when running from bash although I am running it from the docroot?

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    the db_table_exists function defined in includes/database/database.inc and the database.inc not loaded, i think you should try to add require_once (includes/database/database.inc) to your file, and see . – berramou Sep 26 at 23:51

apparently I was using the wrong version of drush in the script that I ran, I needed to run drush8 and was using drush 9.

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