I am trying to implement search for a new client's site and am at a loss about how to complete it.

Our Setup

ApacheSolr 7.x server using search_api, search_api_solr, facets, facets_pretty_paths.

Our Goal

Implement an ApacheSolr search index with facets available on the search page to narrow the results. Exposed facets are for taxonomy terms, reviews, and proximity.

** The Issue**

Because we have the requirement of submitting multiple search criteria from an exposed form on the front page, we are using Views with exposed filters to initiate the search. This is instead of exposing facets directly (through facets_block or similar) as you cannot, from what I have found, accept multiple inputs across multiple facets before initiating search.

When a user initiates the search, the correct results are displayed but from the Solr index. However, the facets are not active. Therefore, to utilize the facets, the user has to re-click through each facet to, effectively, re-initiate the same search they just performed.


Is it possible to translate views exposed filters (on the same fields) into facet values? I have not found a module for this nor a clean way to do it through code. I see that there is a similar question that also hasn't been answered so hopefully I'm not out of luck.

Thank you.

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