Just update drupal and am trying to run drush updb but getting commerce post update errors.

Module Update ID Type Description

commerce_order 10 post-update Update the customer profile type. commerce_payment 3 post-update Ensure each payment method has its own billing profile. commerce_paypal 2 post-update Delete the PayPal Checkout payment methods. commerce_paypal 3 post-update Uninstall the PayPal Checkout payment method type. commerce_paypal 4 post-update Uninstall the flow field.

Unable to decode output into JSON: Syntax error

Error: Call to undefined method Drupal\profile\Entity\ProfileType::setDispl ayLabel() in commerce_order_post_update_10() (line 248 of /home/ipscodte/pu blic_html/ipscod/modules/contrib/commerce/modules/order/commerce_order.post _update.php).

  • You updated Commerce but didn't update its dependencies. You need the latest version of Profile. – Bojan Zivanovic Sep 29 '19 at 12:14

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