I've looked at both Organic Groups and Groups and they don't quite work for me, so I'm trying to do my own thing. Here's the setup...

  1. Contributor (user type) requested/invited to Group (content type) by Group admin via field on Group admin page ("field_project_associated_users")
  2. Contributor accepts invitation to join Group (Group Membership flag = join/leave)

Group admin has access to Contributor's nodes only if they are a member of the Group

  1. I created an ER view for the Group admins to select Contributors' Submissions (nodes)
  2. RELATIONSHIP: Flags/Group Membership/Any user
  3. RELATIONSHIP: (Flags) Flagging User
  4. RELATIONSHIP: (Flagging User) nodes
  5. RELATIONSHIP: (Flagging User) field_project_associated_users

Submission Title A & Submission Title B are nodes from Contributors who have joined the Group (#2 above) 420. Submission Title C is from a Contributor who has joined Group 425.

  1. If I add a contextual filter (no relationship/Default to Content ID from URL if filter not available) my admin preview looks good at the bottom, but the ER field on the Group admin page offers no available nodes.enter image description here
  2. If I add a contextual filter (Relationship: field_project_associated_users/Default to Content ID from URL if filter not available) Submission Title C is wrongly included in Group 420, and the ER field on the Group admin page still offers no available nodes. enter image description here
  3. If I remove the contextual filter, all three Submissions are understandably available in admin preview (not sure why Submission Title C is in twice - I don't show him as member of both 420 + 425) enter image description here AND now selections can be made from ER field on Group admin page, but...
  4. If I start Group admin ER field selection with an "a" it correctly provides the option of Submission Title A.
  5. If I start Group admin ER field selection with a "b" it only provides Submission Title B & Submission Title C. Shouldn't it also include Submission Title A?
  6. If I enter "ss" or "title" it only provides Submission Title B & Submission Title C.

I would love to be able to have Group admins only select nodes from members of the Group. Looking forward, it would be ideal to have Contributors flag which Submissions are available to the Groups of which they are a member.

Database updated, caches flushed. No errors in dblog.

I was getting the Group entity passed to ER field, so I did make some progress in #11-13 by implementing patch mentioned here: https://www.drupal.org/project/drupal/issues/2174633

I haven't been able to figure out composer/drush, so I do all my patching by hand. This one took me a few hours. Brutal. Any ideas on the above and/or where I might want to look in the patch for something I missed? Also, if anyone has tutorials on composer/drush or recommendations for their use on Godaddy servers, I would gladly take them.

Thanks in advance.

  • UPDATE: Better result as such: View: Flagging Contextual Filter: Flagging: Entity ID RELATIONSHIP: User RELATIONSHIP: (User) nodes That allows the Group admin to view/select Submissions by Contributors who have joined their Group. I still would like to allow Contributor to assign which Submissions may be shared in which Group, but this is a good start. I am still unable to use autocomplete with the Group admin selection of available Submissions. I'm thinking this is a limitation, as I've used the Dependent Field module and was forced to use Select List. – mtdaveo Oct 2 '19 at 23:56

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