So let's say I have module A and module B.

A has a view in which B is used and B has a view in which A is used. The views are exported for installation on module install. How do you write the dependencies? I can't install either of them cause they are dependent of one another

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    This rather seems to be a bad design decision. If you're able to edit the code, you can create a third module responsible for displaying the views in common – Ismail Cherri Oct 3 at 13:50
  • This sounds like an XY problem. You might want to explain more what is in A and B, why they are in separate modules, and why you have two views cross-referencing them. Both modules could probably be merged, or one becomes a submodule of the other, not interdependent. – Joseph Oct 4 at 2:47
  • @IsmailCherri thank you, I've sold the problem this way. I've made a third module for "globally" used views that installs the views after all the modules are installed – M Roland Oct 7 at 11:47

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