I want to avoid setting up and handling custom authentication for my custom REST API module because I have already setup SSO to the API server for Drupal users.

The question: how do I tie that login to my module, so it checks the current user, and sees that the current Drupal user is already SSO-authenticated?

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    Your question doesn't really make sense in the terms of what a Drupal module is, so it's not clear what exactly you are asking. – Jaypan Oct 4 at 22:11
  • Since it's a question about code to write, this question is too broad. We don't know how the SSO authentication is implemented, so we cannot say how a module could check if a user has been authenticated via SSO. Tie that login to my module doesn't have sense in Drupal as logins are tied to the site, not a module. A module could eventually implement a new authentication system, but users aren't logged-in in the module; they are logged-in on the site using that module. – kiamlaluno Oct 5 at 8:59
  • Thank you for helping me to see my confusion. I was informed by the client that the endpoint I was trying to use can only be hit using basic auth. (otherwise the logged in user should have had access). I had mistakenly thought (since it wasn't working) that I would have to do something in order for SSO user to authenticate (turns out module needs to be passing separate authentication credentials in order to use my endpoint). – Jeff Brewster Oct 7 at 17:00