I developed one custom module which will display a list of entries from my custom table. Now i need to add two buttons on top of the grid as "Clear out Unpublished" , "Clear All"

  1. Clear out unpublished - will remove all the status 0 entries from my custom table.
  2. Clear All - will remove all the entries from my custom table.

I tried below code to get the queue item id which is stored in database table. but i am unable to get it. I am getting the data object which is stored in database table but not queue id. I want this queue id to reference with my custom table. Any body can help me on this?

public function processItem($item) {

     $query_queue = \Drupal::database()->select('mytable')
                  ->condition('queue_id' , $item->id)
     if($query_queue->status=='failed' || $query_queue->status=='')

         \Drupal::logger('myqueue')->notice("Created an quote service successfully. ID ".$this->queueService->getQuoteId());
                ->condition('queue_id' , $item->id)
                'status' => 'success',

     } catch (Exception $e) {

     \Drupal::logger('myqueue')->notice("Failed to create Queue");


Here $item returning entire data i am storing in queue object. I need database table id of that particular process item.

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    But you have the buttons already? – leymannx Oct 5 at 16:06
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  • i modified question with code that i tried. plz allow my question as it is urgent for me. – user3463733 Oct 10 at 2:50

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