Is it possible to use Symfony to create Drupal 8 form api compliant forms?

My project needs to generate multipage forms dynamically. While I have successfully created a class which extends FormBase and implements buildForm() to create a form, I can't know in advance how many components the form will have and I obviously can't create a validate function for the components on the fly.

I just wonder if there is a way to use Symfony to create my forms.

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  • Symfony has a Form API too, I don't know how that would be any different? – Kevin Oct 7 at 15:24
  • Validation handlers can be attached to the form elements, just using the Drupal form API. – kiamlaluno Oct 7 at 15:32
  • That is true even if you implement a form element class. – kiamlaluno Oct 7 at 15:38
  • @Kevin: Yes, I was exploring creating forms via Symfony but I saw no obvious linkage which would make the forms embeddable in and useable from Drupal 8. If I'm wrong and I have missed the obvious, I would welcome a telling off and a link to some material to study – sisko Oct 7 at 22:29
  • @kiamlaluno: Yes, I know I can attach validators to each form element but I have a database of serialised form element data. I can be asked to unserialise x, x+1 or x+10 of these form elements and add each one as a separate page in a D8 multipage form dynamically. I got that far but I need a validator function for each element - can't do that on the fly. – sisko Oct 7 at 22:38

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