Recently one of my sites started displaying odd behavior. One product type uses Commerce Price Tables to offer quantity price breaks. Lately new products of this type have been displaying as unavailable on their product pages.

During the last instance of this issue, I was able to determine that the price tables are being recorded, and the thousands of previous similar products still work correctly. However, when looking through the database tables, I found that none of the new products were having their commerce_price rows populated. I was able to copy an existing row, and replace the product ID, and the new product immediately was available with its 2 price tiers.

How to troubleshoot the cause of this issue? There have been no recent changes to the site, excluding updates to 3 non-Commerce related modules.

  • I'd say you must find a way to reproduce this issue. Maybe in a local copy of this site. Start by systematically disabling/enabling modules or settings until you find the culprit. With a database dump at backhand you can already reset your site to the initial state during that process and restart. Good luck :) – leymannx Oct 8 at 14:06

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