1. Event: Completing the checkout process
  2. Condition: Fetch by ID: commerce-order:order-id
  3. Actions shows the tokens e.g. [entity-fetched-product:sku]
  4. Include the token [entity-fetched-product:sku] inside Send Email action, but it doesn't get printed?

I don't want to print out an entire line items content. Just custom fields separately like Product SKU field.

  • you do not need: Condition: Fetch by ID: commerce-order:order-id, you need: entity has field: your_custom_field, on order, the order objet is allready available on 'checkout proccess' – pinueve Oct 8 at 22:44
  • @pinueve I do not see any SKU field. The field that is not inside content type, but inside product type. – user3108268 Oct 8 at 23:25
  • I'm sorry I'm having hard time reading that. – user3108268 Oct 9 at 0:17

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