Using Drupal version - 8.7.4. Added a 'Text (plain, long)' field for news summary to news content type.

There is a news view that shows all recent news items with the summary.

I created a new news item and pasted the summary from a document from Google Drive.

The apostrophe shows up as ' on the view but in the drupal edit page, it shows a '

Any thoughts on why this is happening? Any solutions? I am completely clueless. Thanks for reading.

  • It's being escaped. – Kevin Oct 10 at 20:39

This is a known issue with CKEditor.

In your case, the ampersand character & is being escaped as & which is causing the HTML entity for your apostrophe to appear as '.

The entity for the ampersand is well-formed, so the ampersand appears in your rendered output. But this causes the entity for the apostrophe to be malformed, so it appears as a literal string.

There's a CKEditor config that you can do to force a simple ampersand, but I'm not sure how it will affect other text fields site-wide (which will no longer have their ampersands escaped), so proceed with caution.

Perhaps someone with more CKEditor experience can tell us if there's a way to configure this more narrowly.

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