We have a website with a menu in a block, that is placed into a region "Sidebar". My customer notified me that the whole region containing the menu keeps disappearing on the live site, on average once a week.

To quick-fix the problem, the customer goes into Structure -> Menu and re-saves the menu, then the menu reappears.

It's a pity that we can't reproduce the problem yet. When it occurred last time, we asked the customer to save the HTML source with the missing menu, and found out that not only the menu or the block but the whole region Sidebar is missing.

I suspect the problem to be somewhat caching-related. Any ideas where I could look more specifically?

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    Re-saving the menu invalidates cache items containing the menu, which only proves that they are properly tagged in this regard. The cause is obviously a request with an unexpected context, for example from a search engine, which causes the menu block to be not visible and then is cached without having this unexpected context in the cache metadata. The next times this happens pull a database copy and debug the cache tables, start with both page cache tables and check all cache items for one URL where this problem exists while making the database copy. – 4k4 Oct 14 '19 at 11:51

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