I have contentType Screenshot which has 6 Image fields shot1..6. Then I have a view screenshots_1 which shows shot1 in a grid. I need to have 6 paths, e.g. /screenshot_1..6 each pointing to same view except each view is showing different field shot1..6. This can be done by 6 separate views. I want to avoid this because then I also need to have 6 duplicated templates for each of the view.

Is there a way to have only 1 view and control which field is included/shown by a URL parameter?

/screenshot      -> path to single view 'screenshots'
/screenshot/1    -> param 1 -> show field shot1

Perhaps I'm having bad concept. My goal is the have:

  • one node for one screenshot which is showing 6 images representing 6 different skins. Thus single text description and 6 skins for each screenshot.

  • The main screen is starting point introducing the 6 skins where each links to above described view. Once user selects one skin then the corresponding view will show in grid all screenshots in that skin.

  • Once user clicks on a screenshot it will show that node with text description and all 6 skins (as described in first bullet).

I was also thinking about having only single field with multiplicity 6 for all skins. Not sure whether this would make my life easier or not.

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