On the Commerce Order edit form, we can add a product manually.

Using the autocomplete field Product SKU, you may find the exact product you need to add by browsing among SKUs.

Unfortunately, I can not access some products.

Indeed, I have product SKUs like abc1_01, abc1_02,..., abc1_09, abc100_01, abc100_02,..., abc100_09, abc1000_01, abc1000_02,..., abc1000_09 (I have 9 different conditionings for 1 same product abc1, from _01 to _09).

I need to add the abc1_01 and if I enter abc1_ or abc100_, I only get 10 suggestions from abc1000_01 to abc1001_01 in the autocompletion field output.

Any idea why? Is there a way to edit the autocompletion settings?

Thanks for any tip here.

EDIT : the SKU is not suggested in the autocomplete field output but if I enter the whole SKU (for my example abc1_01), it can be added to the order. Still, it is not really user-friendly for my client if some products are hidden in the SKU suggestions, it would be useful for me to modify this output (maybe simply increase the length? or change "contains" by "starts with"? but where?)

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