I'm using a form_alter hook to add a custom submit callback. I want to redirect the user to a particular page display of a view. However, I'm having trouble figuring out how to specify the path.

In my custom submit hook, I tried $form_state->setRedirect('/my-view/page/path'); but that didn't work. From searching, I found this question, Redirect after form submission, but the answers indicate to specify the machine name of a path from a routing yaml file.

I'm wanting to redirect the user to a views page display that I built in the UI, so I don't have any routing.yml file (that I'm aware of) where I could glean a machine name of a path from.

How do I set the redirect in a custom submit handler to a page display of a view?

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Routes are not only defined in yaml files, but also dynamically in route subscribers.

Drupal\views\EventSubscriber\RouteSubscriber collects routes from all views displays which implement DisplayRouterInterface::collectRoutes, like the Page display:


  public function collectRoutes(RouteCollection $collection) {
    $view_id = $this->view->storage->id();
    $display_id = $this->display['id'];

    $route = $this->getRoute($view_id, $display_id);

    if (!($route_name = $this->getOption('route_name'))) {
      $route_name = "view.$view_id.$display_id";
    $collection->add($route_name, $route);
    return ["$view_id.$display_id" => $route_name];

This produces route names like view.my_view.page_1 and you can redirect in a form submit:


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