How to create an action that sends an email to the last-modified-by user?

Here is a summary of my issue...

  1. User A edits a node created by User B and sets the document state to 'Ready for Review'
  2. This sets off a publishing workflow where multiple parties need to approve the edits.
  3. After all parties approve the edits the node, the document state is changed to 'Published'.
  4. At this point I am trying to create an action that sends an email to notify User A that their document revision has been published.

I can get it to send an email when I use {{entity_fetched.uid.entity.mail.value}}, but this sends an email to User B (the user who initially created the content). Instead, I'd like the notification email to go to User A (who last modified the content). I'm not sure which token (is that the right word) to use in order to do this.

Any help?

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