I am preaty new on drupal however my issue still remain unsolved since start on drupal.

I can easly assign a webform for a content and forms submiting according node information. But I have many content and several kind of webform I can not assign the form one by one for each nodes. 

For exemple: Costumer should submit to the form for a model. I have 2 form for each brand.

Since the costumer enters the model node they need to see 2 availeble form for this model and if they submit one of tham. I need to see the this submission blue brand resulds (submited to model)

Tricky part is I can not refer the form one by one for each model becouse there are thousands of model. With short explenation I will refer the form for brand and submission will store for each model.

How can I do it without entering any codding (site must be sustainable) Please give me answer it is posible or not becouse if is not i need to stop work on drupal right now.

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