If you're more used to GitLab than Drupal.org, you might spend a while hunting through settings there to figure out how to change the default branch - or concluding that you simply can't.

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Turns out it's a setting on your Drupal.org version of the module page. Visit edit > default branch on the page-specific menu of your module.

At the time of creating this question, the documentation page from 2012 (last updated 2015) is still close enough to be helpful.


Drupal.org removed the possibility to delete a branch from the project page. Project owners who edit a project they created will see the following tabs.


The tab to change the default branch isn't anymore shown.

Instead, Project owners need to visit the Gitlab repository from the browser. The Repository > Branches page lists all the branches, with a button to delete them. As long as a branch isn't the default one, it can be delete.


To change the default branch, is sufficient to visit the Settings > Repository page. The Branch defaults section, once expanded, allows to change the default branch, which is necessary to delete a branch that is set as default.


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