I want to create a search API view that can search Content and Files based on keywords. I can search content fine but I am having difficulty making it search filenames. This is a Drupal 8 site.

I am using the built-in Database.

I have created a Database and an Index. That index includes the filename and mime type. Both are set as type "FullText". The index has been updated.

I have created a stripped back view using that index that just shows filenames and exposes a filter that searches only the filename fulltext and filters out anything that isn't a PDF. If I search without parameters I see all the pdfs so the index can see them, however when I try to filter on any actual filename it fails to find even exact matches.

For example; I have a pdf called: 'Debts.pdf'. Even with stemming, tokenization and capitalisation removal no variation of the word "Debt" returns any result.

If I search the full name of the filename as a filter "Debts.pdf" as it's own filter that works, but not the FULLTEXT search of the filename.

Is there some other step that is needed to search filenames with Search API? I was trying to avoid installing other software to be able to look inside the files themselves and only search the filenames. I had assumed that would be easier...

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