I have created content-type BookNow. In this I added field like Address, username, email, fullname..

I want to when submit booknow form than it can automatic creating new user which have own permission edit, delete the content. Thus I do like this:

function custom_booknow_entity_presave(Drupal\Core\Entity\EntityInterface $entity) { 

  $language = \Drupal::languageManager()->getCurrentLanguage()->getId();
  $user = \Drupal\user\Entity\User::create();    
  $user->setUsername('raam');//This username must be unique and accept only a-Z,0-9, - _ @ .
  $user->set("init", 'mail');
  $user->set("langcode", $language);
  $user->set("preferred_langcode", $language);
  $user->set("preferred_admin_langcode", $language);

  //Save user account

  // No email verification required; log in user immediately.
  _user_mail_notify('register_no_approval_required', $user);
  drupal_set_message($this->t('Registration successful. You are now logged in.'));

But it's giving error message username unknown.

When I comment above username and email and manually put email, password, username it does not give any result.

  • Unused variables. Foremost $form_state. I also think you need to load the account before passing it to _user_mail_notify and user_login_finalize. What happens when you remove the last 4 lines. Does the error persist? – leymannx Oct 21 '19 at 10:06

Finally i have done this. It's not on node presave to create a user. It's on hook_name_entity_insert to create a user.

I have done by this code:

function hook_name_entity_insert(Drupal\Core\Entity\EntityInterface $entity) {

$node = Node::load($entity->id());
$email = 'durge@gmail.com';

  $loaded_user = user_load_by_mail($email);

if ($loaded_user) {
  $node->uid = $loaded_user->get('uid')->value;

   function create_user($email){
   $language = \Drupal::languageManager()->getCurrentLanguage()->getId();

   $newuser = \Drupal\user\Entity\User::create();
   $newuser->setUsername($email);//This username must be unique and accept only a-Z,0-9, - _ @ .
   $newuser->set("init", $email);
   $newuser->set("langcode", $language);
   $newuser->set("preferred_langcode", $language);
   $newuser->set("preferred_admin_langcode", $language);

    //Save user account

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