I am using Drupal version 8.7.7 in which using vdieo.js and pdf.js to display embed video and pdf files. On VM IP both files are rendering fine but on mapping, with the domain, both viewers are not displaying their files. I have configured domain name at admin/config/media/media-settings but still, files are rendered on the domain. Please help.

  • What sort of errors are you seeing in the browser console? Anything to do with CORS or cross origin? Also, if you changed your domain recently, check that the source/path to the file is accessible. – ymdahi Oct 21 at 19:57
  • pdf.js module for preview of pdf show file origin not found. When I inspect the pdf previewer in browser and edit the src path from http to https it is showing. I think the problem is with https domain. When the ssl is off and domain is set to http all pdf's are viewed well. – Pratish Kumar Jha Nov 10 at 19:59

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