After a long time I started developing my second Drupal site. I'm currently creating a view with two contextual filter (postal code / locality). On my site, I have a block "Search" in which I set a "custom block" with following html code :


My target is to have a user being able to enter either a postal code, either a locality, or eventually both (which could be a bit strange though) and search for all items in the view based on the entered value.

Unfortunately, when entering only one of the two values, I do not get any result. I rather get an error message "The requested page can not be found".

When I enter both values, I receive correct results.

Let's say I only enter the postal code, my link is : http://www.mijnsite.be/customers/handelaars?postcode=3960&gemeente=

If I enter only the locality, my link is: http://www.mijnsite.be/customers/handelaars?postcode=&gemeente=Bree

No idea if following information is relevant, but in the view when using the "Preview", the following is shown :

When I enter the postal code: /customers/nl/Handelaars/3960/%2A ==> In this case I DO see the requested items !!!

If I enter the locality, I do not get any results. My link would show : /customers/nl/Handelaars/Bree/%2A

What am I doing wrong and how can I solve this please ?

Best regards,


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