I added a field called "Ethernet" to a View, however it is showing as "undefined". As far as I can tell, I created the field the same way as all the others in the database and added it to the view like the others. I've searched through the Code and can't find any matching text to any of the fields listed in the photo, so I assume it's somewhere in the database. I've spent hours, but can't find what is causing this. Any clues would help

If it is helpful, this is located on the right panel on this page: https://www.predig.com/pd9000

I'm using a drupal 7.2

undefined label

  • Views is just a tool for reading the database. You're not creating fields in Views, you might be creating them on Entities, and it does go into the database. Check what's in your db, are the fields created as expected? Did you create a custom db table or are you using Drupal API to handle it for you? If you're going through Drupal APIs then your fields and data will automatically be exposed to Views and you'll be able to use them there. – prkos Oct 27 '19 at 12:56

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