I'm new at working with Drupal remote/team.

We use git for commit local file, like theme, modules etc.

I have used acquia to work with remote DB with different developers but that option is paid and also some developers prefer to use xampp or other local servers.

We also worked with remote database but it's a slow process and also we had some problems, so we decided to work with local DB and reproduce BO configuration in test enviroment.

How can I have a faster remote DB? Or there is some process like GIT for Drupal DB?

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    Maybe OP is looking for configuration management or drush sql-sync? – leymannx Nov 8 at 16:03
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    @leymannx I agree, Pedro doesn't mention content, only configuration. It seems like he wants to learn about Drupal 8 Configuration Synchronization (with config split and config ignore) but does not know the correct terminology to ask. That's the closest thing we have to committing database configuration (in YAML form) in a git repository, and it might answer his real question. – hotwebmatter Nov 8 at 16:32
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    Pedro: I wrote a series of blog posts on the Configuration API. If you read it, it should clear up some of your confusion. morpht.com/blog/drupal-8-configuration-part-1-configuration-api – Jaypan Nov 8 at 21:40
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    I have seen rescue projects with large mysql files committed to the repo, which is why I wanted to be clear about that. – Kevin Nov 9 at 3:03
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    Hey, Thanks for all replies. Like hotwebmatter said is what I want, but I'm a little lost about this topic. I will search more about configuration synchronization and for sure I will read jaypan blog. Thanks again for your help and tips :) – Pedro Nov 9 at 20:11

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