I am working with the Entity Share module to synchronize content between Drupal instances and I need a filter to define which content can be shared.

My use case is almost identical to the one mentioned in this support issue. The only differences being that the content type is a basic page and the term reference field is called field_share_to which in turn references a taxonomy vocab called Sites. I also have only two sites; 1 server and 1 client.

I am struggling to configure the correct path for term reference field and value for the term ID(64)

Enter the machine name of the field / property you want to filter on. You can reference field / property of a referenced entity. Example: uid.name for the name of the author.

So. How to define the machine name for the jsonapi property that would return nodes filtered by term id 64?

I ask this question as a site builder rather than someone who spends a lot of time working with code.

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The module maintainer was able to provide with the answer.

field_share_to.entity.tid = 64

And also with a link to further reading

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