I am trying to give a more logical breadcrumb flow to the Drupal Commerce 2 checkout path, as Commerce doesn't support breadcrumbs in the checkout process.

When not displaying the current page in Easy Breadcrumb, Drupal Commerce 2 by default it gives you a trail like this Home > Checkout after progressing from the /Cart page to the /Checkout page. This redundantly brings you back to the checkout page that you are already on.

The logical flow here when excluding your current page from the crumb, should be Home > Cart when you have proceeded to the /Checkout page from the /Cart page.

This Breadcrumb can be easily set in easy breadcrumbs Paths to replace with custom breadcrumbs as seen in the picture:

enter image description here

But the problem is that the order number is placed in the URL, so you would need to replace the actual order number (5 in this example) with % argument something like /checkout/%/order_information :: Cart|/cart

Is it possible to somehow accept % arguments in the URL's in "Paths to replace custom breadcrumbs"?

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There is a patch here in progress to allow wild cards in breadcrumbs:


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