For example, in drush I can run

drush cget search_api.server.iges_solr backend_config.connector_config.port

and get a useful answer.

('search_api.server.iges_solr:backend_config.connector_config.port': 8988)

In Drupal Console, I've tried the same formatting as in the drush command, I've tried a colon between the main config item, and the sub item

(drupal dc search_api.server.iges_solr:backend_config.connector_config.port)

I've tried a fair number of other things, and I've read the docs to no avail. Is it possible to do without just grepping?


No, Drupal Console doesn't support selecting a key from a configuration object. This is clear from drupal help debug:config which even mention grepping.

Using grep isn't beautiful, but it works:

drupal debug:config system.date | grep -A1 timezone

does return the timezone with the first subkey. (Changing the value after A, you get more lines/the user subkey.)

I would of course prefer to get the configuration object as proper JSON and then pipe it to jq to select a key robustly, but Drupal Console doesn't support an output format option yet - see Github issue.

  • I disagree that it is clear from the docs which is why I asked the question. There are plenty of reasons to use grep on that command besides getting the value for a single key. For example, if you don't know the exact nomenclature of the key you are looking for. Still, this does seem to be the right answer, and I appreciate the hint about grep options. Cheers. – UltraBob Nov 25 '19 at 1:57

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