I have to use "Search API" module with configured on solr server and indexed. The search results are displaying but "relevancy" content is not on top of the page.

Example #1:
Search key word: course in the page

Actual Result:
1) Test course
2) Test content in shedule page
3) Test page
4) Course in the page

Expected Result:
1) Course in the page
2) Test course
3) Test content in shedule page
4) Test page

Here I need to display first 4) Course in the page then display others. I am used views for that search. Views Interface Please post your suggestions!

  • Hey hey, just noticed you don't ask a question. If it's a bug report please head over to drupal.org and report it there. Many thanks – leymannx Nov 25 '19 at 10:01

Sorry I got the answer. Add the sort criteria relevance. enter image description here It's working fine. Cheers!!

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