I have a taxonomy entity "Politician" which has a Paragraph field "Party membership", which consists of a Date Range field for the membership and an entity reference to the taxonomy entity for the party.

I have then created a Solr index dedicated to the metadata - it indexes the politician's entity ID, the politician's name and, from the paragraph entity, the membership start/end date and the party ID and name.

However, in the Solr index, the data from the Paragraph entity is split:

        "ss_name":"Eberhardt Alexander Gauland",
        "sm_party_name":["Alternative für Deutschland",
          "Christlich Demokratische Union Deutschlands"],

What do I have to do with the index configuration to:

  • have the membership data grouped together somehow
  • reliably (!) have the top-level "its_party_id" set to the most current party membership?

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